EverythingQ points us to this HoFo post claiming that the delayed Verizon Q9c will finally hit on May 15th. This delay isn't the end of the world because, well, Verizon already has the virtually identical Q9 “the m is for music” m. Apparently, though, the slick red casing and the official endorsement by Fergie Ferg haven't been enough to push the Q9m off of store shelves fast enough, as Engadget Mobile is reporting that after the Q9c makes its debut in Verizon's business store, it will wait to hit the consumer stores until after the Q9m stock is depleted.

...Which seems to indicate that the Q9m is not long for this world? Will the Verizon-version of the Q9c still sport the Q9m's fancy-schmancy Today-Screen interface?