Engadget received an anonymous tip (complete with a photo of the box) that Verizon will be releasing the 700wx on their network on Feb 20th. We knew this was coming soon, as the 700wx recently appeared on a rebate form. I still think it's a mystery as to how and why Palm thought that the 700w would cut it - its meager amount of program memory basically meant the 700w can't mulitask worth a damn.

My guess is that it's going to be identical to the 700wx on Sprint; in other words: Windows Mobile 5, no fancy threaded text messaging, no AKU3 / A2DP.

Details are now starting to filter in on just how Verizon intends to right Palm's wrongs, scheduling its own 700wx for a February 20 release date. Sticker shock will be in full effect here: $620 at retail, $450 with a one-year agreement, $400 if you relent to a second year, though an additional $100 rebate makes it all a little easier to bear. Even better, the 700wx should come with tethering support out of the box.

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