Engadget got their hands on a Verizon roadmap for 2009 and as you might expect, there's some Windows Mobile-related hotness, specifically:

There will be at least two HTCs released this year: a version of the Touch Diamond and an unnamed handset closely resembling the Touch HD.

This has the ring of truth to us, as HTC was very adamant that the Touch HD wouldn't make it to the US, which made us sad.  So marketing it as a new version of the Touch Diamond makes sense maybe also matches up with that seminal HTC tweet "sad news, US. we looked into it- by the time we could bring Touch HD to the states, it would be old news. we do have other cool stuff coming"

If we had to guess, we'd say the unnamed Touch HD-Esque device outlined above sounds an awful lot like the Topaz C we ogled in the massive HTC 2009 roadmap leak.