The Touch Pro just seems to be everywhere of late. A recap:

And finally, some Verizon news. In the PPC Geeks forum thread that Malatesta deftly waded through last week, a source close to HTC noted that the Verizon Touch Pro would indeed be "crippled," as the carrier is prone to do with its phones.

Yes, will it be crippled SADLY yes, it will have a lower CPU and memory, but from the test model I honestly did not see a difference unless you use some serious programs.

The folks over at the Boy Genius Report have noticed an addendum to this statement.

UPDATE: Verizon phone does show a 7501a chipset so its looking like it will be crippled

They then connect the dots and note that the Qualcom 7501a chipset at 528 MHz is in fact exactly what is powering the Sprint Touch Pro. The lesser 400MHz 7500 chip is what a leak first suggested was headed to the Verizon phone.

So, what the heck does this mean if you're with Verizon and want a Touch Pro? Which processor will you get? Will Verizon lock down the GPS, as it's been prone to do in the past?

What it means is hang in there. Hopefully it will all get sorted out soon. Stay tuned.