Sister-site TreoCentral uncovered some training slides for Palm CS reps that reveals an unexpected boon: the Treo 700wx on Verizon will be getting a free update to Windows Mobile 6 in the coming months. Nice.

Now for the “weird stuff.”

  1. There's no mention of a Sprint update (probably because they'll be wanting you to buy a Treo 800w instead, eh?)
  2. Windows Mobile 6.1 updates have started coming out and Palm is just now getting to Windows Mobile 6? What?
  3. It won't work on the Treo 700w (actually, that's not so weird, given the 700w's anemic memory problems)

Still and all, it's nice to see the old dog learn a few new tricks. We don't have any clearer release date than the one you see there in the title, but we're going to go out on a limb and say this means that Verizon lovers are going to have to wait for a period of exclusivity to end before they get their hands on the 800w. Meanwhile, you have some quality updates to the Treo to stick around for.