So obviously the 12th has come and gone and there's still a ton of signs that the Verizon Trophy is afoot. We know Best Buy's were getting them, employees trained...heck, you know the history and still a no-go. Still, once Microsoft/Verizon pulled those Xbox gamer pics & themes, we knew it didn't look too good.

But with May 24th looming, our bet is Verizon would like to have the phone out before that event (though, missing CTIA in March and MIX11 in April didn't stop them either). WPCentral forum member Aog, who has multiple accounts with Verizon, received a call back today from a Verizon rep--so right there your warning lights should go off--and they claim 19th is the new target date:

"VZW rep called back today. Said trophy was releasing May 19th with a voucher for a free xbox game that can be played on xbox and phone."

Yeah, we hate playing this game too, but we know you Verizon folk want anything to hang on to, even if they are unicorn dreams and fairy musings. Still, like the other release targets, this is very plausible as we know big Red has all their pins lined up here.

Oh and that free Xbox game for the 360/phone--Full House Poker or Ilomilo? We're leaning towards the former. And we're putting that under "plausible" since Verizon does have an Xbox theme/gamer pic tie-in. Anyways, join us in the forums and vent or conspiracy-theorize away.

Source: WPCentral forums (Aog); Thanks, peinao, for the heads up