I think the release is becoming so close that Verizon customers can almost smell the new HTC Trophy. With the device recently showing up on Craigslist of wonders, WP7 Verizon support forum being launched, being spotted at Best Buy and rumoured employee training kicking off (plus a release date) one would assume it's coming very shortly - the rumoured date for release of tomorrow (12th May) could hold true, here's hoping!

To add yet more fuel to the fire, we have now seen the Trophy on Best Buy again, but you can add it to cart as opposed to not being able to do so previously, not to mention a dedicated Theme being available over at Xbox.com for the Trophy accompanied by the Verizon logo and a nice looking illustrated advert. Heck, there's even a Gamer Picture Pack available at Xbox.com too.

On our forums there has been a long discussion surrounding the device coming to the carrier, and it's the best place to be if you're awaiting more information or concrete updates. Sorry guys, I'm sure you've almost bitten all your nails off, but this is such a well kept secret it's rather amusing, don't you think?

Update: Xbox.com just pulled the Verizon-Trophy Theme & Gamer Pack--guess there's still some shuffling going on. Thanks, Random of Amber, for the heads up

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