Engadget Mobile gets the goods in the form of a fuzzy image purporting to show Verizon's product releases for, well, for this month. Take a look at the righthand column there to see a whole lot of shiny: The Moto Q9M, the Samsung i760, and the UTStarcom XV6800.

That last bit surprises me, I wonder what UTStarcom has over Verizon that they're able to keep themselves between Verizon and HTC? "UTStarcom xv6800" is so much lamer than the Sprint branding for the 6800: HTC Mogul. Seriously, try this: say "UTStarcom XV6800." Did you feel your index finger creeping upward to push up your glasses? Was you voice a little more nasal than usual? Did a pocket protector magically beam itself into your pocket? The answer for all of the above, I suspect, is "just a little, yeah."

But I digress. All three are worthy devices. Of course, all three are going to be overshadowed by the Kaiser when it finally hits, integrated GPS will do that.

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