So we just found out that Verizon is launching the MotoQ9M, the Samsung i760, and the UTStarcom XV6800. Add one more to the list, the UTStarcom XV5800. The what? You know -- The Vox.

When I first saw the Vox, I was giddy as a schoolgirl. When I opened the Vox, I tittered. When I used Windows Mobile 6 and HTC's Audio Manager app, I was impressed. When I reviewed the Vox, well, I was disappointed. Will the Verizon version make it any better?

It might. The processor is faster, as is the data speed (EVDO Rev A). Given the general reaction to my review, I was the only one who complained about battery life, so maybe the faster processor and data won't really be an issue. They keyboard is slightly different, too, so maybe even that won't be such a hassle.

Quite a month for you, eh Verizon? Sorta takes the sting away from turning down the iPhone.

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