"This is hard, let's give up"

Luxury smartphone manufacturer Vertu recently unveiled the Ti, a $10,000+ Android phone that dazzles the eyes with its sapphire crystal, titanium, and leather frippery. Before Android, the former Nokia subsidiary was working on a luxury Windows Phone 8 device, but found “the complexity of building for Windows Phone” was just too much to handle. The company failed to explain just what they meant by that, so we leave you to ponder that for yourself.

Vertu was once a secretive division of Nokia, who discovered that there are people in this world who will drop loads of money on a device with mid-range specs, as long as it looks expensive. They spent the first four years of existence operating in isolation, developing smartphones running Symbian. Nokia decided it was not practical to manufacture devices using such materials as sapphire crystals, which take up to 2 weeks to grow in a lab, and so the division was sold off to a private equity firm.

With Symbian now a thing of the past, Vertu has turned to other operating systems, choosing to focus on Android "for the foreseeable future."

While most of us would not choose to spend $10,000 on a flashy, mid-range smartphone when we could get a top-of-the-line hero phone for literally one million times less, we're still happy that Vertu is in the phone business, as opposed to say the medical industry.

It would be heartbreaking to hear they gave up on trying to cure cancer because it was just too complex.

Source: ZDNet; Via: SlashGear