Viber and Dailymotion for Windows Phone both receive some update love | Windows Central

Viber and Dailymotion for Windows Phone both receive some update love


It's becoming quite the update central lately with numerous apps sporting new releases. We can now add both Dailymotion and Viber to the list of recently updated. What's new in the new versions? Your guess is as good as ours. Viber is a fairly minor bump from to 2.24.0, whereas Dailymotion has leaped from to 2.0, but we're not entirely sure what's included.

We can, however, look back at what was introduced in the previous versions of both apps. Viber was given a welcomed makeover, while Dailymotion included support for Windows Phone 8 with a new lens,  Should you happen to notice what's new in these latest releases, be sure to shout at us in the comments.

You can download Viber and Dailymotion from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Viber and Dailymotion for Windows Phone both receive some update love




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I am glad that these apps are updated. Daily motion is great for some specific type of clips and not much else. It is one useless service for every other type of video entertainment.

Been waiting for this update for some time as the syncing issue was irritating. Contacts synced within seconds after the update.

Can anyone tell me what's the point of viber? Is it just to avoid long distance charges on international communications, or is there something special about it?

Precisely, if you are wanting to call someone overseas, you guys can talk over a data or Wi-Fi connection making it a free call

Free calls to other members using Viber. If you call a non-Viber user, it will automatically call using your wireless carrier.

Updates, and new apps, are coming in so often its to where multiple apps are being discussed in single articles.. And it don't stop!

You may have the same app as me, apparently I didn't have the official Dailymotion app. The one I had was published by "Narshanth R" or something like that, not from Dailymotion. I had no idea.

+1 Would also like to know whatever happened to Foursquare. It's been almost three months since we were previewed the makeover

you know whats funny. i have Viber version 2.2.1 install on my Lumia 800. But when i serch for Viber in the store i can't find the one thats installed on my phone and then get another version (2.2.0). Install that and than i have 2 vibers installed with same icon (the old one).

When the new app came out it wasn't a update it was a replacement. I had same thing the day the new app was out.

My L920 had the same issue. After the update, I thought it did not fix it..but after a mnute or so it did the sync. All good now.

Hey I just bought a l900 and I can't afford to throw a lot of money in a wp8 phone,in India U buy it for whole price no adjust with my whining

the Lumia 900 isn't even two years old I think they should add native code and more features like screenshare