Viber for Windows Phone

Viber has finally pulled the sheet off of its long awaited VOIP and messaging app for Windows Phone (and Blackberry too) today, allowing users to download and try out the service for free on their device.

One major caveat though: there is no VOIP phone calls just yet.

According to the press release, the current version only allows Viber Messaging aka "allowing users to exchange text and high-quality photo messages and share locations with other Viber users."  Have no fear though, that VOIP service for making free phone calls is on the way:  "Viber’s signature HD-quality free voice calling, will be released as soon as it meets Viber’s quality standards."


The app so far is basically a glorified Kik or WhatsApp as it can search your contacts for other Viber members for ease of messaging. Having said that, it's a fairly nice app and worth looking into as you'll want to be ready when that ability to make phone calls over your data connection finally shows up.

Grab Viber v2.1 for Windows Phone here in the Marketplace. It's free and ad-free. Read the full press-release here for more info.

QR: Viber