Video Diary 2

We showed you Video Diary by Lance McCarthy sometime ago. The app acts as a way to record regular video diaries, keeping them separated from the camera's video roll  and also has reminders to keep you on schedule. The app hit the Marketplace a few days ago but had an error in it resulting from the Marketplace submission. It also lacked Skydrive support, something the developer said he was actively working on .

Now version 2.0 is here with that Skydrive support and works just great. You log in, it creates a Video Diary folder and away you go. Other fixes to v2.0 include:

  • Numerous tweaks and polishing to the UI
  • Data connection testing enhanced
  • Certification capability issue solved

Overall a nice update and a great feature set for a free app. The Skydrive support should also make a lot of you happy, seeing as we get so much free storage there. Pick up Video Diary here in the Marketplace.

QR: Video Diary 2