Our take on the AT&T Tilt - quite possibly what we predicted: The Best Damn Windows Mobile Device (in the US) Ever. Quite possibly - but not definitely. The out-of-the-box experience made one thing clear, that this device is meant for power users. It's not just that it has WiFi, GPS (which you'll need to manage carefully given the relatively small 1350 mAh battery). It's that the out-of-box experience on the device is woeful - long initial "configuration boot up" time, horrible defaults on the today screen, basically they took out nearly all of the improvements that HTC has made on Windows Mobile.

Still there is the HTC "use X to close" and flick-scroll, but before I can give the Tilt my offial "Seal of Awesomeness," I'll need to tweak the heck out of it. So expect more Tilt reportage from us - a "How to Tweak Your Tilt" and then a full review after I've bent it to my will.