We were expecting a pretty slow day here at WMExperts. A reply to Kevin's tour-de-force post on the AT&T Tilt for the Smartphone Round Robin, maybe a little T-Mobile Shadow fun (tomorrow, maybe), but that's about it. Instead we got WM6 on the 8525, a Video First Look at the Pantech Duo, and now this: another brand new phone in the office to play around with: the Motorola Q9h.

That's right - when we said AT&T might be selling it early, we checked it out and picked one up!

A few more thoughts on the Q9h's shape after the break

Yes, the guessing game with what exactly it will be called is finally over - Q. 9. h. Phew! Anyhow, above is our initial impression of the Q9h in video form. In text form: it bears such a small resemblance to the Q9m that it barely deserves to share a name. There's also something subtle about the Q9h that makes me happy.

The build quality is stupendous - really really good. Everything is sturdy and well-thought-out. It's still a “slab,” though. All Moto Qs are slabs. Something is different, though, the Q9h is a slab that I “get.” With the original Q and even the Q9m, I always thought “This is a pork chop in my hand.” With this one, I think “Yeah, it's a slab, but I get that having a wide device is sometimes the right thing for some people.” I can't explain why - like I said, it's subtle. But it's real.

Opera Mobile and Docs To Go are standard and I applaud Moto for doing that, by the way. Clap clap!

...If it weren't for the fact that I'm not allowed to use a Windows Mobile smartphone as my main device, I'd be able to say more. We'll just have to content ourselves with this first look for now. Now on to that reply to Kevin...