The Pantech Duo is fully announced and available now, so the above is your first look. I said that “I am happy it's inexpensive” in the video, but somehow in my mind I was thinking (as opposed to thinking out of my mind, which also happens sometimes) that it was $99 after contract, not $199:

The Pantech duo is available now in the U.S. exclusively from AT&T for a special introductory price of $199.99 at AT&T retail stores nationwide, online at, at select national retailers and through AT&T's business-to-business sales organizations

Read: AT&T- News Room

I suppose that the Duo might be more approachable than a Blackjack to some people, but I doubt there are a lot of those people. Pantech gets points for jumping into Windows Mobile and for introducing a pretty-cool dual-slider format. But for my money, the form factor simply isn't compelling enough to make it more desirable than the many other options out there at similar price points. My opinion: pass on the Pantech and getcherself a Blackjack.

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