The Sprint HTC Arrive (aka the HTC 7 Pro) is just around the corner and a video review has surfaced. Our friends over at Wirefly spent some hands-on time with the new Windows Phone and Sprint customers should be happy with what is heading their way.

The overhead view of the Arrive reminds me of the HTC Surround. That is until the keyboard is extended and the screen is tilted up. Then the new Windows Phone reminds me of the HTC Tilt 2. The screen comes across as responsive to the touch. The button layout places the camera button closer to the bottom right corner of the phone than on the Surround.  Which may take some getting used to.  It is also a little strange to see the screen maintain the vertical orientation when the keyboard is extended.

The overall appearance of the Arrive looks nice and I like the brushed aluminum battery cover. I’m curious if you need to extend the keyboard to remove it though. Oh… and did any one else cringe when the reviewer slides the face of the Arrive on the table while discussing the battery size?

The Arrive is loaded with the NoDo update that brings copy/paste to Windows Phone 7, which is also demoed in the video. The video also includes video and photo samples taken with the Arrive and camera quality looks nice.

The Sprint HTC Arrive is expected to go on sale March 20, 2011 for $199 (after contractual discounts).  You can find more info out over at Sprint's Arrive webpage.

Source: Wirefly (Thanks, Jeff)