The first public video showing an early version of Cortana working on Windows 10 has made its way to the Internet, a few days after it was reported that Microsoft's digital assistant had started showing up in private consumer builds of Windows 10.

The video, posted by WinBeta, shows that even in this pre-release version, Cortana will handle requests such as calling people via Skype, checking calendar appointments, setting up reminders, adding alarm times, taking notes and more. This early version cannot be launched on Windows 10 with a voice command, however, and it doesn't have those fun extras such as asking Cortana's opinion on certain subjects.

Again, this is an early version on a pre-release build of Windows 10, so the public preview or Cortana running on the OS should work much better and have additional features, as well as a different user interface design. Microsoft is expected to launch a public consumer preview of Windows 10 in early 2015 and the final consumer launch is now targeted for sometime in the late summer or early fall of 2015.

Source: WinBeta