Video shows Start menu in action on early Windows 9 Threshold build

A new video has surfaced that details the return of the Start menu from what is believed to be an early build of Microsoft's forthcoming Windows 9 release code named Threshold. The video walks through various components of the Start menu, though its functionality has been leaked in the past numerous times. Still, as this is a technical preview of Windows 9 Threshold, it's still unclear if all, or any, of these features will make the cut to a consumer release.

At the top, you can quickly switch between different user profiles. The left side of the Start menu is similar to what we've seen on Windows 7 and earlier releases, while the right side of the new menu shows Metro-styled Live Tiles that can be added or removed. Adding more tiles will cause the Start menu to expand.

And while many will welcome the return of the Start menu, if you breathe and live Live Tiles, you don't also disable this menu should you choose.

Also shown in the video is that now Metro apps can launch inside windows in Windows 9, rather than going full screen mode. This will allow users to more efficiently multitask like legacy Windows programs by having a number of resizeable, cascading windows to manipulate with.

Are you excited about these new features? Let us know what you think on Microsoft welcoming back the Start menu.

Via: Neowin