One of the most popular mobile first person shooter games, Dead Trigger 2, is apparently very close to making its debut on Windows Phone devices. Developer Madfinger Games posted a teaser video today to promote its launch.

The video, posted on YouTube, was accompanied by this message from Madfinger:

Windows Phone version of Dead Trigger 2 is done. We sent it to approval proccess to Microsoft. We're waiting only for a green light.

Dead Trigger 2 was first released for Android and iOS devices in October 2013. Players have to shoot hordes of the undead in the game and by doing so they can earn in-game cash to purchase better weapons and items.

Madfinger is already working on their next zombie-themed shooter, Unkilled, which is due for release for iOS and Android in June. Hopefully the development team will release the game for Windows 10 for phones in a shorter time span compared to how long it's taking Dead Trigger 2 to be released for Windows Phone.

Source: Madfinger (YouTube); Thanks to Martin S for the tip!