Vieather for Windows Phone

More than a few of you noticed a certain weather app on my Start screen from today’s earlier video on Simple Calendar 2. Truth be told the app in question, called Vieather, is not actually new, but it has had regular updates and its due for some recognition.

For one, the app is completely free. No ads either. Number two, it’s simply gorgeous looking. If you’re a big fan of the alarm app 627.AM, Simple Calendar, or any app that embraces the Modern UI theme then this app is for you (it’s also for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices, natch).

The app though does lack a bit of substance, meaning if you want a full-fledged weather app than you may want to stick to our other favorite, Amazing Weather HD. Vieather, a merging of Vietnam + Weather based on the developer’s locale, is as straightforward as weather apps come, giving only today’s forecast.

The app does feature a flippy Live Title that is customizable with an Accent color of your choice (though no doublewide support) and it is simply stunning to look at. Vieather also utilizes the Weather Channel’s service for data, meaning accuracy should be top notch.  Plus, as we mentioned earlier, it’s free.

Vieather for Windows Phone

So if you want a basic “here’s the weather now and for the next few hours” app that shows off the Modern UI, we urge you to give Vieather a go. You can pick it up here in the Store for all Windows Phones.

Make sure you watch our video tour to see it in action.

QR: Vieather