The Windows Phone 8 version of the official Vimeo app has been updated to version 2.1 and add the ability to perform search or pause your video playback with voice commands.

Not familiar with Vimeo? It's an online video service where you can watch, share, and discover video content. Much along the lines of Youtube.

The Vimeo app lets you tap into the online video service and pull all the video fun to your Windows Phone. You can watch and manage your existing Vimeo videos, use NFC Tap-to-Share to share your videos, search for videos, upload footage in HD and more depending on your subscription level.


The addition of voice commands gives the Windows Phone 8 app a little more ease of use. But we ran into a small problem when we went to test these new features.

We see the microphone button to initiate voice searches (which works rather nicely) but don't see any means to pause the video playback with voice commands. We tried talking nicely to the app, holding down the Windows Button and even screamed at it a few times but the video kept playing.

There is a possibility that the voice control button on playback was accidentally left on the cutting room floor and if you've figured out how to pause Vimeo's videos with voice commands, let us know in the comments.

We'll keep trying and in the meantime, you can find Vimeo for Windows Phone 8 here in the Windows Phone Store. It's a free app but some of Vimeo's subscription levels are at a cost.  You can find all the fine print on Vimeo's subscriptions here at Vimeo's website.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

QR: Vimeo