Vine Xbox One

If you missed it, Vine ( was released for the Xbox One on Tuesday. It is actually the first Vine viewing experience built specifically for the TV. If you haven't installed it yet or if you don't have the Xbox One, we have a hands-on video for your viewing pleasure. Check it out.

Vine lets you watch and explore the world of short, looping 6-second videos. A user account is not required and you won't be able to record videos. Since you are not logging in, you won't be able to see your personal list of friends you follow on Vine. Videos automatically play and shown twice before going to the next one. You can skip by pressing the left or right button on your controller.

There's a menu that slides in when you click the up or down button on the controller. You can view vines based on featured users, trending tags, popularity, playlists, or channels. If there's something specific you want to watch, you can try searching for it by pressing the Y button. Search results are separated by name, description, or tags.

Vine Xbox One

The Vine videos are recorded from mobile devices. The app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. There's also a popular third-party Vine app for Windows Phone called 6sec.

The videos are recorded in square 1:1 aspect ratio, but Vine on Xbox One does a great job displaying it on TV. It takes sections of the videos and places them to the sides with a darkening filter. The section to the right displays the uploader's name and description of the video.


While you won't be able to create Vines on the Xbox One, the viewing experience is really good. Be careful, though. You might end up spending more time on this app than you want to. Have you tried Vine on your Xbox? How do you like it?