Viner for Windows Phone

While we now have Instagram and Snapchat clients for Windows Phone, albeit unofficial ones, Vine ( seems like the next big app to conquer. The other day we showed you how Rudy Huyn had a working alpha called ‘6secs’ that was progressing along and now developer Philippe Maes has one called Viner.

Viner is a fast and fluid app that gives you the ability to register, view your personal timeline, search for and follow your friends, like or comment on their posts, view their Vines and likes, change your settings or view your own likes, find the coolest vines with the Editor's Picks and Popular Now, and more.

The one thing it doesn’t do though, is allow you create and post new Vines. Play SadTrombone.mp3

The reason for that is because Vine, like Instagram, is a little tricky for posting. Rudy Huyn’s client won’t be able to publish at first either (though last we checked, he has a plan for a server-side solution).  So Viner, for now, is a view-only app that allows you to participate, but not in the fundamental Vine way.

Viner for Windows Phone Vine app

Having said that, it’s a fine app. Smooth, well designed…it reminds us a lot of Instance, but for those short 6 second video clips that Vine is famous for. While not a homerun, it’s a great start and we look forward to covering Viner when it goes live in the Store.

Stay tuned.