The Canadian carrier Virgin Mobile is looking for beta testers to try out new mobile phones the company will be stocking. This is also including the HTC 8S where if you register your interest (and are chosen) you'll receive the device and it could well be yours to keep for free. It's simple to get involved and the potential reward is a brand new Windows Phone.

"We’ve got the hottest phones and we want you to test them. We’re building an army of super-savvy Member phone lovers. Give us some info and tell us why you’re the one for the job. If you can prove that you’re creative and cool enough, we’ll give you a free upgrade to one of our hottest new smartphones."

There's a form on Virgin's website which will need to be filled in (there's also a warning for participants to ensure a large enough data allowance is on the account before applying). Should the company choose you, you'll be required to take the HTC 8S for a spin and provide four Twitter tips or tricks over the course of four weeks. 

Sounds to us like a good deal, and it's great to see another carrier getting involved and spreading the word about Windows Phone. If you're interested, be sure to head on over to Virgin Mobile's website to sign up and see if you're chosen. 

Source: Virgin Mobile; thanks, The55, for the tip!