Virgin Trains East Coast ticket wallet

British train commuters between Edinburgh, London and any number of places in between will have recently experienced the re-branding of the East Coast main line to come under the Virgin Trains banner. The better news, is that the new owners are embracing Windows Phone with the launch of a digital ticket wallet app for the platform.

Right now it's pretty limited, as it's essentially in the trial stages:

"M-ticket delivery will be offered when buying a Virgin Trains East Coast Advance Super Off-Peak, Off-Peak or Anytime ticket between Harrogate and Hexham via York and Newcastle.

There are more updates to the app coming up, including offering m-ticket delivery for all Virgin Trains East Coast Advance tickets, enabling ticket purchase, checking train running information and a lot more."

Mobile tickets are something the previous East Coast company didn't offer (or, any kind of mobile app for that matter) and with this roll out we're pleased to see that Windows Phone hasn't been left out in the cold. There's a little wonk to contend with, too, for example I can't actually log in to my Virgin East Coast account right now even if I was traveling on the part of the line where the trial has been initiated.

But, it's a start, and the promised updates to allow a full experience across the whole line as well as purchasing tickets and tracking your journey has at least one Windows Central writer very happy. Finally the East Coast main line is joining the modern, mobile age. Grab it for yourselves at the link below.

QR: Virgin Trains