Yesterday, Brandon Watson of Microsoft teased the Twitter world with a question regarding the most requested developer tool for Windows Phone 7.

Today, we have our answer: Visual Basic, one of the most popular and easy to learn programming languages.  And...dun dun was used on Windows Mobile for years, giving developers yet another way to port over existing code (the core of the program) to our new OS, leaving just the UI to be reformatted.

Like C#, Visual Basic is "managed" code, making it easier to learn and implement, but having less depth, meaning it's not a "native" development language like, say C++ (also used on Windows Mobile). "Native" language development is what is needed for 3rd party web browser development and other "core" applications. But no sign Microsoft is going to give developers those keys just yet. Microsoft had promised that other languages besides C# would be allowed to be used for development on the new Windows Phone platform, so this is a result of that..

These aren't the final tools and we shouldn't expect any VB apps for awhile at least--this is just Microsoft starting the process by soliciting feedback from developers and building on that for a future release. While XNA games cannot be built on VB, Silverlight apps can, so we should see even more development in that area in the future, giving Windows Phone 7 multiple routes for progress.

To sum up: this is very good news as evidently "the most requested developer tool" was just granted, keeping those developers quite happy.

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