Here's a portion of some of the gear we'll be using to cover CTIA next week - where we (still) fully expect Windows Mobile 6.1 to be announced. We're fervently hoping it will even be released, but don't get your hopes up.

The big day will be Tuesday, when we will Live Blog Robbie Bach's keynote and then hit the show floor like the Incredible Hulk with a sledgehammer. This year, we expect Windows Mobile to be front and center at CTIA: Android isn't ready, Apple stays away, and Palm ain't got nothing but the Centro.

You can follow most of the action on our main site - but if you're a junky you can also follow us on Twitter and also keep an eye out on our Flickr page. Both of those places will sport stuff from our CTIA experience that isn't technically news - but hey, it's Vegas, right? Should be some stuff to take pictures of. :)

Our primary tool for covering CTIA is, of course, a Windows Mobile Smartphone. Our weapon of choice for this task is the Motorola Q9h (see our full review here) - 3G, 2 megapixel camera (with flash), and the best keyboard on any smartphone available today makes this little sucker ideal for keeping connected to WMExperts and to you, dear reader.

Ideal enough to make this very post happen - it was posted directly from the Q9h (and yes, tweaked a little via the old ways after the fact).