A key ingredient to good health and fitness is a balanced vitamin intake. While there are plenty of vitamin supplements available, many foods contain the same vitamins. VitaminWorld is a Windows Phone reference app that outlines the importance of twelve vitamins and the food sources for them.  It is one more Windows Phone app to help you through fitness month.

VitaminWorld is laid out nice and clean with the main pages listing the vitamins references and an About page where you can review or submit feedback for the app. Along with the listing of vitamins on the main page there is a "Today's Special" option that will highlight one food source of vitamins.

VitaminWorld Screens

When you select a vitamin the app sends you to a series of pages that will display the various food sources that have a concentration of that particular vitamin. The pages are broken down by food group (fruits, vegetables, etc.). If you tap the vitamin header on any of these pages VitaminWorld will display pages listing some of the benefits and deficiency effects for that vitamin.

Unfortunately, the only detailed information on a particular food source is available through the "Today's Special" feature. You are not able to see any details on a particular food source from the vitamin screens, which would be a nice feature to have.

All totaled, VitaminWorld is a nice, simple reference app for your Windows Phone to help you identify vitamin sources for your diet. VitaminWorld is a free, ad-supported app that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

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