Vito Technology has announced the release of their iWindowsMobile Communications Suite 2.0. It's a bundled application that includes five of Vito's more popular applications including the updated version of Winterface, Vito's customizable user interface.

Along with Winterface, the iWindowsMobile Communications Suite includes:

FunContact3x: This is Vito's contact manager allowing you to categorize your contacts, add photos, associate call history and other management features.

SMS-Chat 1.25: Vito's sms manager that make heads and tails of your sms messages.

Zoomboard 2.04: Here you have an on-screen keyboard alternative that allows you to zoom into a key before inputting the symbol. The zoom magnifier moves with your finger as you scroll across the keypad and when you lift your finger off the screen, the key registers.

Weather: Vito's weather plug-in for Winterface that puts local weather conditions and forecasts on your home page.

The Communications Suite bundled will run you $24.95 and can be found over at the Software Store.