VLC Metro

The VLC team has updated its Kickstarter page for Windows and Windows Phone. The update details progress made with an explanation as to why there has been a lack of posts. It's said that much progress is being made with the Windows version and the sheer determination and amount of work required is why there has been a rather quiet period.

There's both good news and bad. They've managed to cut down 90% of what's "forbidden" in the modern user interface, working closely with Mingw-w64 project and GCC developers. They managed to achieve this by:

  • replacing our forbidden calls with newer authorized equivalent calls,
  • modifying gcc and Mingw-w64,
  • writing new code in a special library of ours,
  • writing dummy functions,
  • disabling VLC code that would not work on the Metro platform,
  • moving VLC to MSVCRT 11.0, moving all the VLC codebase to UNICODE and WideChars to fit the new requirements.
  • We did also a lot of minor things to help the integration of libVLC and VLC in this modern platform.

The bad news is there's reportedly still much to do. The below image shows full, working playback:

VLC Win 8 Playback

It's so close we can almost taste it. The team reports that they're working on the following objectives:

  • make VLC work with MSVCRT 11.0 without crashing
  • write headers and C/C++ code to access the new fashion of COM APIs in which WinRT is written in

It's all rather technical and means little to the average Joe, but solid development is well under way and it won't be a thousand years before we see VLC arrive on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. It's going to be interesting to see how the finished product will run on both platforms, but it'll be superb to have such a popular media solution available on Microsoft's new operating systems.

Source: Kickstarter