VLC has been updated once again, with the media player sporting a series of UI fixes. Connecting to Last.FM is easier, and those on devices with on-screen navigation buttons like the Lumia 735 will not see back buttons within the app. Previously, VLC crashed when a particular file was not found, an issue that has been rectified in the latest update.

The changelog for version notes the following:

  • Better UX when connecting to Last.FM
  • Fix Subtitles and AudioTracks bugs (Windows only, still not working on Windows Phone)
  • Clean StatusBar code
  • Phones with virtual Navigation Bar are now supported by VLC. Users with Lumia like 735 won't have the UI under the virtual Navigation Bar
  • App should not crash anymore if a track does not exist/file is not found. It removes the track from the VLC library.
  • Hide Mouse cursor and let the screen ON only when playing videos, not music
  • App should start way faster. Example : On a Lumia 1020 it starts in 2 seconds instead of 7.
  • App commands : Open file, stream and Settings are now displayed in a "more" button on the top of the UI.
  • Adding Database versioning: this is the last version on WP that will drop the database at each update. Now it will use migration tools when the database is modified.
  • Decrease app weight by removing unused files, pictures, placeholders and libraries
  • Usual bugfixing and refactoring

How many of you are now using VLC to watch videos on your Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments.

Download VLC for Windows 8
Download VLC for Windows Phone 8


Thanks Corey, Josh, Mithun and Abhishek!

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