The wait has certainly been an enduring one, but we're almost there folks. The VLC team has updated the Kickstarter blog with an entry detailing some work carried out on the port to WinRT platforms. The team believes they'll be in the position to submit the app once again to the Windows Store this week, so we should see VLC on Windows 8 in due course. What started a few months ago as a Kickstarter project is soon to become reality. Pass the break to see some screenshots.

The blog post itself covers development time spent addressing audio crashes, leading the team to eventually deciding to rewrite the audio stack for Windows Metro platforms. This is hoped to enable the VLC app to run through store approval and be made available for consumers. Going by both the Kickstarter goal being reached and how much interaction we've received through our coverage of this development, there are high levels of interest in seeing the app go live.

VLC Winows 8

To help you all get through the remaining days until the app is finally available, the VLC team has published some screenshots to show off the UI.

VLC Win8 Beta
VLC for Windows: Audio Screen

VLC Win8 Beta
VLC for Windows: Video Screen

Want to see more? View the full gallery of screenshots over on Imgur.

What you see in the above screenshots is the application the team will be submitting in the next few days. Stay tuned to our feeds and we'll let you all know when VLC is finally available. It's also worth noting that we're not sure whether this WinRT release will cover ARM-based hardware as well or just x86 for the time being. We do know that support for not only Windows RT but Windows Phone is also in the works to compliment full Windows 8.

Source: Kickstarter