VLC Tablet

Thomas Nigro has shared some details covering the VLC app for Windows (and Windows Phone) on his personal blog. The developer notes how it has been decided for the team to drop supported for Windows 8 (and keep building for Windows 8.1), really focusing on optimization and getting everything neatly tied together cross-platform..


The apps will of course be universal and it's noted how important it is to get VLC working properly on all manner of hardware, including the Lumia 520. Nigro expects to see the Windows 8.1 version of VLC released in the coming weeks, while the Windows Phone app continues to experience issues with the ARM compiler, requiring the team to address said issues before publishing.

Not a awful lot was shared, but at least we have some really cool screenshots to look through. Check out the full blog post for more information and the rest of the screenshots.

Source:Thomas nigro