VLC for Windows 8.1

Developer VideoLAN has released an update for its popular VLC media player app for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The new version is a rather small update with some bug fixes and user interface changes:

Here's what's users can expect from the 1.4.0 version:

  • Update libVLC, libVLCcore and codecs
    • Pass complete path to libVLC instead of WinRT tokens, if possible
    • Reactivate DLNA browsing
    • Fix subtitles displaying on Windows x86
    • Support taglib parsing when possible
    • Cleaning code and small UI changes

In a Twitter message today, VLC's main Windows developer Thomas Nigro indicated that an update for the Windows Phone version is currently slated for release sometime next week.

Download VLC from the Windows Store (Free)

Download VLC from the Windows Phone Store (Free)


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