VLC Windows Phone

The team at VideoLAN continues to support the Windows Phone 8.1 version of its popular VLC media player with a new update, It brings the version number to 1.8 and has a number of additions, changes and improvements.

Here's a look at what's new and improved:

  • New translation system : French language added
  • Artist biographies are now saved in the SQL database
  • New feedback system
  • Context menu in the Video Player
  • More personalisation options : accent colors, background colors, titlebar
  • Buttons and texts are bigger on tiny screens
  • Slideshow updated, new animations
  • Added Video Player zoom options : Vertical Zoom, Horizontal Zoom
  • Added Video Player animations
  • Some settings are synced between devices
  • Windows 10 Mobile uses W10 APIs to get songs from the Music Library
  • Minor UI fixes
  • New vlc:// protocol
  • Fixed duplicate Current Track in the Playlist
  • Fixed crashed at launch when another app was sending a stream that was considered as File
  • Trying to work around the broken LastFM APIs
  • Slideshow is now paused when the app is in background
  • Crashes at first launch when indexing and getting video thumbnails

A quick update will be released soon to fix a bug that's been reported by some users, according to Twitter posts by the app's main developer Thomas Nigro.

Thanks to Majid for the tip!

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Source: VideoLAN