Nokia Lumia 820

Good news for those on Vodafone in Australia who own a Nokia Lumia 820, as tomorrow you’ll start to receive an over-the-air update to the 1308 firmware. What’s more, this just doesn’t improve device stability and performance but it also enables the 4G radio. Huzzah!

The rollout will be like others, meaning 25% will get the update in the first 5 days, followed by another 25% the next week and 100% of users by the end of the month.

The info comes via Vodafone themselves, who have taken the time to discuss the update on their blog. The firmware will be 1232.5957.1308.0008 though the OS will stay the same at 10211.

Vodafone also notes that the HTC 8X is a 4G-ready device, though it is unclear when that update will come through.

Wave of 820 updates?

We know a lot of users with Lumia 820s have been waiting for the 1308 firmware update, which also brings the following enhancements, some of which appear to be Vodafone AU specific:

  • The phone can now play videos sent from a Samsung Galaxy via MMS
  • Stability improvement, fixing reboot and freezing issues
  • General performance and quality improvements   

Perhaps Nokia and the carriers are now finally ready to roll that out, which would be good news for those on AT&T anxiously waiting for the update.

Source: Vodafone; Thanks, nikhilr51, for the tip