Lumia 925

Vodafone has announced on its support website that the Lumia 925 will be receiving the Lumia Cyan + Windows Phone 8.1 combo update starting tomorrow, July 25. From 2am AEST, the mobile operator will be starting the update roll-out, meaning the Windows Phone owners will be able to enjoy the latest OS features as they surface for the new day (unless there are any night owls reading).

The two updates are already rolling out for the Windows Phone, but it's good to see the network kicking things off. Included files are fairly large so be sure to connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi, especially if you're on a metered plan. Let us know in the comments should you receive the updates.

Need more info?

If you're not on Vodafone Australia, check out these helpful pointers:

  • Keep checking Windows Phone Central – We are posting as many update articles as we can as we get confirmation from users that their update is being pushed. Almost without fail, these updates begin weekdays at 1 PM Eastern Time
  • Use our Tracker page – If you missed the story, you can always use our tracker page. Unlike the Microsoft one, our page is going to tell you which updates are live now
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Tip, Tricks, and How to – Want to learn all that you can about the 8.1 update? Bookmark our topic page that has all our tutorials on the updated OS

For those who are with the operator, see the Vodafone website for more details.

Source: Vodafone AU

Thanks, jeiiel, for the tip!