Looks like our friends Down Under are in for a treat, like a nice serving of OS 8107. Vodafone just tweeted that the update will be rolling out within the next day, which means you can start plugging your phone into Zune Desktop and hitting refresh as fast as you can.

The changelog contains the following:

  • If a user’s email is hosted in an Exchange Server 2003 server, in some instances, original email messages are blank (or not included) when the user replies to or forwards an email message
  • When a new voice mail is received, and the user already has one voice mail waiting in their voice mail queue, the OS does not provide the user with notice of the new voice mail via Live Tile, SMS message or other notifications
  • When typing using the on-screen keyboard, the keyboard periodically disappears.
  • On occasion, Gmail contacts would not fully synchronize.
  • If Local Scout was launched from the Search home screen, it would not correctly identify the user’s current location
  • Background Transfer Service improvements

Pretty run of the mill for 8107, though we now have a better understanding of that "Gmail issue" which evidently had to do with contacts not fully syncing. Big news though, especially from Vodafone and Australia which have yet to see any big device launches of late.

Source: Vodafone; Thanks, gh8421, for the tip!