It was only yesterday when we covered Vodafone's plans to launch a number of Windows Phone devices, and today the UK mobile operator has revealed just how much each handset will set the customer back. The move is a strong push for the platform, with majority of mobile operators in the country now sporting one or more Windows Phones.

So, pricing. Vodafone has announced the following as the pricing structure for each Windows Phone:

  • Lumia 920 - Nokia's flagship Windows Phone available with no upfront fee on a 24-month contract. The Vodafone Red Data plan is utilised for £42 a month, and includes unlimited calls, SMS and comes with 2GB of data (black and yellow).
  • Lumia 820 - available on the Vodafone Red plan (similar to the Lumia 920), but comes with unlimited calls, SMS and 1GB data for £33 a month (black or red).
  • Lumia 620 - the low-end Windows Phone 8 device is available on a 24-month contract for just £21 a month. This includes 300 minutes, unlimited SMS and 250MB of data (blue or white).
  • 8X - HTC's flagship Windows Phone is tied to the Vodafone Red plan. For £33 a month, unlimited, SMS and 1GB is bundled (California Blue or black).
  • 8S - available on a 24-month contract for £21 a month, and just like the 8X 300 minutes, unlimited SMS and 250MB of data is included (Atlantic Blue).

Interesting pricing indeed. 1GB is generally enough for the average consumer who still chooses to use the smartphone regularly as a mobile device. There's plenty of call time and room to send thousands of messages to friends and family. As well as the hardware being available on the online store, Vodafone also lists the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 ready for its future 4G LTE upgrade.

Source: Vodafone