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Nokia has finally released the much anticipated Voddler video-on-demand service (www.voddler.com) for their Lumia line of Windows Phones. The app was first revealed and demonstrated back on Mobile World Congress in February and will gives users in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Spain a method by which to stream some of the latest blockbuster hits to their mobile screens.

Unfortunately, those in the US and elsewhere can't quite use the service just yet due to licensing restrictions but at least for Europe, we can see the app being made available later in the year.

The app itself is nicely laid out having been co-developed with Nokia. It features the ability to stream movies and TV series directly for a fee or you can watch for free with ads--not too shabby. Perhaps most impressive though is the "Movie Night" feature where you can "set up film nights with your friends and synchronize your viewing, both online and offline."

Yeah, that's pretty cool.

You can pick up Voddler here in the Nokia Collection but only for select markets. via: Mi Movil Windows; Thanks, Alex.

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