Dhivehisoft is offering Voice Memos Lite over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. Voice Memos Lite offers simple design to record memos and takes advantage of the Metro Design to manage your recordings.

The Main pages offer a single button record page, a page to display your recent memos, and your settings menu. From the Recent Memo Page you can select to "view all" and you will be sent to category pages for your voice memos. Settings include setting up either a Audioboo or Soundcloud account (for sharing files), setting up PC Sync, and establishing default file names (as well as how files are handled).

To record a memo, just tap on the large "record" button on the main page of Voice Memos Lite. You have the option to edit the details of the file or you can edit things later from the file view screen. You can edit the voice file's title, category (four choices; notes, meeting, shopping, and other), description, as well as adding a picture.

It would be nice to see customizable categories and a search feature with the productivity app. The developer does mention that there are plans to release a paid version of Voice Memos Lite that will have more features. Maybe these two will be part of the mix.

Regardless, Voice Memos Lite comes across as a simple, yet effective voice memo app for your Windows Phone. Voice Memos Lite is a free, ad-free app and you can download it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.