Back a few months ago, a small startup company called Traveling Wave demoed a new method for text entry: Voicepredict (see video here)

The technology combined voice recognition with typing to allow very fast and accurate typing on Windows Mobile devices. Some wonder why would you use both speech and text and the reason is sort of obvious: while speech recognition/data entry sounds very convenient, the truth is with background nose and current algorithms, the accuracy of such technology is not as high as users demand. When you "help" the speech recognition part with minimal text entry (usually the first letter), you improve the accuracy up to nearly 100%. In fact, it seems faster than HTC's soft keyboard/text prediction.

We've actually been beta testing this program for a few months already and have high hopes for it. Like all new data entry methods (think Swype), it's awkward at first as you have to think about your next move. But as you use it more and more, you'll see the increase in speed for writing emails, text messages, Facebook or Twitter entries makes up for it. The program has an easy tutorial to teach you the basics and you'll be up and running within minutes.

Overall we're quite impressed with this technology and really hope Traveling Wave has plans to bring this to Windows Phone 7. You can download it via Windows Marketplace (first 100 downloads are free, not sure about the price afterwards) right here.

Sound off in comments on your experience with it: future of typing or gimmick?