VoiceWake Lede

VoiceWake is a super cool app we recently looked at, enabling consumers to remotely wake up their home PC using Cortana. The lite (free) version was available for those with Windows Phone 8.1 installed to download and enjoy. The developer has published the paid version of the app over the weekend and comes with some unique functionality not loaded in the free, restricted release.

This paid release enables users to have Cortana wake the PC when the Windows Phone reaches a specific location, or have the personal assistant have everything up and running at a specified time. Here are the new commands, available in the paid version of the app:

  • Cortana wake [computername] when I get [locationname]
  • Cortana wake [computername] when I get to [locationname]
  • Cortana schedule [computername] to wake up at [time] am/pm
  • Cortana schedule [computername] to wake up on [date] at [time] am/pm

Note that these two apps require Windows Phone 8.1 and you'll need to have your PC configured to Wake On LAN – this requires fiddling around with BIOS, which may not be for everyone. Once everything is configured and ready to go, it's a really neat experience.

QR: Voicewake

QR: Voicewake Lite