Personal Finance

Two weeks ago we called on you, the Windows Central community, to nominate your favorite personal finance apps on Windows Phone. We combed through your suggestions and have collected the handful of apps that were frequently nominated. Now you're going to vote for which financial apps on Windows Phone are the best.

That's a really strong selection of apps up above. Each one is worth a download if you're not familiar with an app or two above. They all have great ratings in the Windows Phone Store and their own following. It'll be interesting to see which personal finance app you all pick as the best!

So, the poll is embedded below. Feel free to visit this article in a web browser if you're reading in one of our apps (the poll won't show unfortunately). Pick your favorite finance apps (three votes) and head to the comments to tell us why your preferred app is the best! We'll announce the winners in a few days.

P.S. I love that a few of you nominated Excel. You're old school.