Virtual Reality is the buzz phrase of 2016, and since those devices are often powered by Windows PCs (sorry, Apple), it makes sense for us to cover that category. However, we also know that some of you may want even more in-depth coverage of this exciting development in technology so with that we are launching today.

From Cardboard to Hololens, Gear VR to Oculus Rift, and everything you can do with an HTC Vive, VRHeads will cover the full range of devices, apps, and experiences. That site will be where you want to go for all the nitty-gritty day to day coverage of VR, so make sure you check it out. VRHeads joins Windows Central, iMore, Android Central, TeslaCentral, and CrackBerry to bring you the best news and reviews around.

Here's how you can join us for the ride:

  • Join the forums! — The VRHeads team is hard at work building a community of folks who are talking about anything and everything VR. You can head over there now and participate, and if you have an existing Mobile Nations Passport account you can click here to be instantly registered there. If you've never created an account, what are you waiting for? Get in there!

  • Check out the starter guides — VRHeads exists to offer something for everyone, and that includes folks that have no idea which VR headset is for them. The Everything you need to know series on the homepage will help get you going!

  • Follow VRHeads on social — There's a lot happening over at VRHeads, and some of it is only going to be happening on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Be sure to give those a follow if you want to catch everything.

  • Join VRHeads in Altspace — There's going to be a special VRHeads launch event in VR this Friday! Check out the details here, and we'll see you all in Altspace.

As far as HoloLens is concerned while it does overlap with the VR world augmented reality (AR) is still its own beast so HoloLens will mostly live on Windows Central with occasional overlap with VRHeads for co-coverage, especially after this morning's annoucement from Microsoft about AR and VR.

Let us know what you think of the site and tell us which VR system you are most excited about. Do you think Microsoft will formally jump into VR too or will they just support companies like Oculus Rift?