Starbucks has remained on the side lines when it came to Windows Phone and this doesn't look to be changing any time soon. We've witnessed numerous unofficial apps hitting the store from eager developers, but what about official support from the popular coffee house chain? One of our readers provided some feedback about a need for a Windows Phone client and received a response from the company. Cut short: don't hold your breath for one in the near future.

Here's what was received from Starbucks:

"We have continued to look at the Windows phone platform and listen to our customer’s needs. As we grow and evolve our mobile applications, we seek to develop on the platforms where we see the greatest opportunity. At this time we will not support the Windows phone platform but will continue to evaluate it as the landscape evolves. Windows mobile will be looked into more with Starbucks District Department."

So there you have it, folks. Windows Phone is currently not on the menu and won't be for some time. We can rest assured the comments and feedback has been passed on to the correct department and will continue to do so. So keep requesting an app if you want one. There were two popular apps - My Starbucks Card and Starbux Card - that catered to the needs of those who require some beans, but we'd certainly love to see some love from Starbucks.

Thanks, someoneinwa, for the information!