Microsoft has released a new video to show off some of the multitasking capabilities of the next-generation video game console. The Xbox One sports the Snap feature, enabling you to do more at once. Fancy playing a game while looking at what friends are playing, or even watching live TV? It's all possible and is a handy feature that saves time from switching between inputs or firing up a second screen.

You can enjoy an interactive demo on what to expect with Xbox Snap, should you own a Windows 8 device. Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi explains in the above video how you'll be able to use both the controller and voice commands via Kinect to control apps and snap them to view. This is a bonus for those who enjoy reading through game guides for helpful pointers and 100 percent completion.

But just how easy is it to use with a controller? Not everyone will be able to use the Kinect. Luckily, Microsoft has you covered as you can quickly and seamlessly switch between snapped apps and games by double-tapping the center Xbox button.

Source: YouTube (Xbox), Xbox News