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Warnygo, a social alert system-type app, has been released for Windows Phone. We previously looked at Warnygo back in 2010 where we explained the idea behind the app and what users can achieve with included functionality. So what is Warnygo all about? In a nutshell it's an alert app, which allows you to publish alerts for other users to receive, as well as read up on subscribed zones.

From road incidents to weather alerts, and spotted celebrities to someone who requires medical attention, Warnygo covers a wide variety of categories to choose from. Zones can be created when announcing "warnies" to limit who can see your posting depending on their location - you might not be interested in road incident alerts for another county.

Warnygo App

As mentioned above, users are able to subscribe to certain zones (for example: New York) to filter through alerts for more relevant results. As well as using the app, "warnies" can also be viewed on the Warnygo website with an interactive map available. It's an interesting concept for a social network and it'll be interesting to see how this takes off.

You can download Warnygo for free from the Marketplace. A premium version is mentioned in the app description but doesn't appear to be available as-of-yet. Note that this is currently in public beta, so features present and the version itself does not reflect the gold product.

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