Head of the Windows Insider program Dona Sarkar is at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto this week and her talk is now available to watch.

The 30-minute presentation titled 'Rules are someone else's opinion' is an interesting take on how companies can relate to customers and approach them as people and not objects. Sarkar starts broadly but then shares her personal experience in becoming the public face of the Windows Insider program including how her life has changed from it.

The talk is a fascinating look how companies – and Sarkar in particular – approaches the issue of customer engagement, keeping them happy, how they fear change and more. Sarkar often stresses how it is important to emphasize being human on social networks and bringing them along for the ride.

It is an important lesson for all of us both in how we share information and how we respond back. It is no secret that people on the internet can resort to antisocial behavior. But that all changes once you realize real humans are working hard on these projects whether it is Microsoft or, ahem, running any media site.

Tweet from @donasarkar at WPC 16

If you ever wanted to learn a little bit more about what makes Sarkar tick and how she approaches such a high-pressure job, make sure you tune in, we'll all be better for it. You can also grab Sarkar's full PowerPoint presentation if you would like to go slide by slide, or watch the embed above.

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